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Malta is a famous internship destination among students who choose to do their internship abroad. In addition to its pleasant climate, there are many things to do in and around Malta.

When you do an internship at the Cavalieri Art Hotel you will gain a lot of experience in the field of your study. You will get the opportunity to develop yourself as a person and work on your skills with feedback from your supervisor. Because of the unique location it will not only be a learning environment but also a breath taking view.

When you are not working there are many activities to undertake. You can swim with dolphins, ride a jet ski, visit the Blue Lagoon, take a jeep safari on Gozo, enjoy the nightlife in Paceville and many more.

You can reach the hotel easily by taking the bus from all over the island. If you live in Sliema, San Gwann or Msida, then the hotel can be reached within around ±15 minutes. The nearest bus stop is called Spinola and is about 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel.


Interns are part of the Human resources strategy at the Cavalieri Art Hotel. The interns bring positive influence to the hotel. They bring new ideas, new methods on how things should be handled, they have a new mentality and they think outside the box. Not do they only bring these positive influences, they also enhance the multicultural work force.
In our interns we are looking for a person who is capable of the following things:
- Working in a team
- Flexible
- Willing to learn
- Motivated
- Customer oriented / Customer friendly


- The minimum of an internship has to be 12 weeks
- The potential intern has to do an interview with the head of the department
- The communication between the placement teacher and the potential intern has to be corresponded by the HR department
- The internship has to be in the field of study of the intern

Job descriptions can be found in the manual. 

Finance/Accounts & Administration Trainee 
Human Resources Trainee 
Receptionist – Guest Service Agent Trainee 
Marketing Trainee 
Food & Beverage Trainee 
Trainee Chef 

Download Internship Manual from the link below or kindly contact us on for more information. 


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I was in the Food and Beverage office for two months. It was very interesting to discover a new sector which was really unknown for me. The very nice staff allows me to improve my English and discover how works the management of a restaurant. It was a rewarding internship and I have really good memories of Cavalieri Art Hotel.

Florence Choquet.
Food and beverage Trainee

Hello everyone! I am Loes Derks from the Netherlands and I have done an internship of 20 weeks from February 2015 until July 2015 as a Human Resources Trainee at the Cavalieri Art Hotel. During this period the hotel has given me every opportunity I asked for and helped me whenever needed. I can truly recommend the Cavalieri Art Hotel for an internship placement because of the level of development you will reach at the end of the internship. I have learnt to handle with multicultural people in different functions and I have also developed my personal skills a lot. I will never forget what I have learned in this period and I hope a lot of other students will get the opportunity to participate in company like the Cavalieri Art Hotel.

Loes Derks
Human Resources Trainee
The Netherlands

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Working at Cavalieri Art Hotel was a great experience.
Dealing with multicultural guests and staff makes you grow up as communicator, employee and colleague as well.
I would totally suggest a work experience at Cavalieri.

Bruno Ferraro
Housekeeping Trainee

I've been twice on an internship at the Cavalieri Art Hotel, just because it's such an amazing experience. The first days they throw you in the deep, but that's the best way to learn to swim. The best thing about the Cavalieri Art Hotel is that you're not the only trainee, there's always somebody that speaks the same language as you. It's hard work for sure but you will improve your English, have more work experience and meet the best people in the world. Just do it!

Lenty Kenis
Front office Trainee

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I’ve worked at the Cavalieri Art Hotel for five months and it was an amazing experience. You get the opportunity to work in a multicultural setting and develop yourself as a person. You will not only learn about your work field but also learn how to communicate and work with other people. The hotel is also a good place to do your internship because a lot of people will help you, will get the best out of you and the most important thing, they take you seriously. I can highly recommend the Cavalieri Art Hotel for new students.

Andrea Frijns
Human Resources Trainee
The Netherlands

Hello everyone, My name is Jeska Richterink and I’ve worked for around five months on the marketing department of the Cavalieri Art Hotel. It was such a nice experience and I’ve learned a lot. The nicest thing about the hotel is that there are working a lot of people who come from different countries, you can talk in English with everyone and you get to know a lot of new people and in my case a lot of artists.

Jeska Richterink
Marketing Trainee
The Netherlands

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My name is Rosanna Snijder and I am 20 years old. I did an internship at the Cavalieri Art Hotel for five months. During my internship I have assisted the F&B Manager of the hotel. My internship was nice, because I had many different tasks. For this reason, no day at the hotel was the same and so you don’t get bored. I also assisted a member of the event team with the organization of events and I kept in touch with the customers. There are many trainees in the hotel. This is nice, because in this way you get to know many more people and you can share your experiences with them. When I look back, I think of an informative and enjoyable time at the Cavalieri Art Hotel.

Rosanna Snijder
Food & Beverage Trainee
The Netherlands

If you are interested to carry an internship at the Cavalieri Art Hotel, you may submit your information and our HR department will get back to you accordingly. 

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